Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hey Everyone!
This week I wrote on Wednesday because I am training a new missionary! His name is Elder Chacon and he is a awesome. He worked in the port of Guayquil Ecuador, and is a convert of 2 years. He has a testimony for the world to hear and I know he is going to change my life and the lives of many.
This past week there was a big game of Peru vs colombia in soccer. When Peru scored a goal everything went NUTS. Fireworks! Crazy screaming people! Honestly if people coulnd`t react more like that when the missionaries walk in the room that would be awesome!

I testify God lives. I know He leads this work, and He works with us more constantly than we realize. The mission is funny in that you think you will feel the Holy Ghost 24/7. You don`t. But at the same time, you come to the realization that the Holy Ghost is with you a lot more than just in lessons or study, and then you realize that you have had these feelings your entire life, and that now you are learning to recognize them, and then you realize God lives and He loves you and He always has. This is my testimony.

Also, this next Sunday is PerĂ¹ census day so we are going to be stuck in our house all day. lame I know but we obey, honor, and sustain the law.

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hey Everyone, I am using an english keyboard with spanish typing so there is no question mark and I am frankly too lazy to spend the 45 minutes requireed to find it so if this letter is without correct punctuaion forgive me please.

This week we have seen the power of referrals. We are currently supposed to receive 2 referrals daily, which means we have to ask literally everyone who they know that would be interesting in hearing the message of the restored gospel. Ons street contact presented us to his grandpa. One investigator introduced us to her entire family (they also served us coffee which was quite and interesting whay to start the missionary discussions). With just small faith and small actions, the Lord blesses abundantly so everyone can here the message of the Restored church.

Also I am sorry I dont have any pictures this week............. next week I will have more I promise.

Here is the greatest story from this week before we went to get breakfast.
This week we accidentaly left our house without the keys. We live on the second floor. We were able to get into the gate that goes up the stairs but into our room it was impossible. We went up to the roof to get a ladder to go through the window but the ladder was too big to bring down from the top of the house. It was a ladder from a cartoon. It was 8 feet tall and pure wood. Instead we had to get a step ladder. It was took short. So we got a table and a step ladder. and then I got up through the window. They chose me because I was the skinniest. Grabbing the keys from the table I let my companions in and in complete victory we at bread and butter with ham. The breakfast of champions

The Lord loves you. I love you. I know that this is His work, and that the spirit is the real teacher.

Elder MacGregor

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hey everyone!

So it turns out there are a TON of hills in my new area. Seriously I am waking up with a cramp every morning it`s the worst! Guess it shows how out of shape I am. Never skip leg day.

Also this is the most dangerous zone in the mission suposedly. Everytime we tell memebrs that we wre in the Pamplona ward they freak out and say that we are the tough ones. I only have seen one freaky thing so far. Last week we were walking at night up the street. Some man walked by us and he had a screwdriver up his sleeve like an assassin knife. I said buenas noches and he didn`t respond, just keeo trucking. A few steps later I looked back and he was starting at me DEAD IN THE EYE. Probably the first time I have been scared on my mision. Those screwdriver assassins are scary.

I want to just share my favorite thoughts from this last general conference. First of all, I will never forget the reverence that feel over the room when they announced Elder Hales`passing. I know he was a true Apostle of the Lord. The excerpt from his talk which Elder Anderson read really touched my heart. Only those who never faultered in their testimony of the Savior saw Him after He was resurected. 

Let that try to be us so we can see Him when he comes again.

Elder MacGregor

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hey Everyone!
This week has been the strangest in the mission. We finished Elder Halliday´s training so I have been a fly on the wall this week.I have been third wheeling in case he needs help and asks me a question. I have used to opportunity to search the scriptures. When you read the war chapters with the mindset that the Lamanites are sin and we are the Nephites, it is super interesting. It is reading the story of how we can defend ourselves from sin and continue to make righteous choices. All of it includes having faith in the Savior, just as the Nephites did.

We also diluted mosquito poison this week, that is the photo attached. I got it all over my hands and everything like a true professional.
This week we also went to the Area offices. Honestly working for the church would be a blast. There are pictures of the Savior everywhere and everyone talks about Mormon things. The most inappropriate comment I heard was someone telling me he didn´t like Star Wars. Even in stressful situations you can see that the work of the Lord is divinely guided, and that He really is involved in every detail. He watches over us more than we can even imagine.

This will be the last time I am emailing on Saturday I believe. chances are I will leave the office next week, so it is back to good old Pday on Monday´s! Whoohoo! 
I have learned so much here. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure and I know that He is blessing you in this very moment. Stop and think about the ways that He is blessing you and I know you will be able to recognize His love.

Here´s a blessing.... General Conference is this week! God is going to speak to us again!

Much Love,

Elder MacGregor

just a short email this week, I have been transfered to San Gabriel and my Pdays will be Monday again. President already told me that I am going to train a new missionary next transfer. So I am in a trio for the next 3 weeks. 

My new companions for now are Elder Infante and Elder Supayane.

(When I was the health secretary I actually sent Elder Supayane home for health reasons. He came back and now he is my companion hahahahahaha) The Lord works miracles. 

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hey Everyone!

This week I got a new companion...... Elder Halliday! He is PerĂº Lima South´s next health secretary. I will be training him for the next 2 to 3 weeks and then I will return to the mission field! He has really come her in the thick of it. His first day in the office there were 3 doctor appointments. However he is a very positive guy and he is doing really. He is going to do a good job.
This week has been insane. We got transfers, so we had to coordinate everyone's travel, and then prepare to receive new missionaries. On top of this we had some training to give to new missionaries, and then we had to plan to meet Elder Oaks today. 

Elder Oaks! Definitely the highlight of the week. He is a lot bigger than you think he would be. When he started talking, his booming voice couldn't help but make me smile. It was EXACTLY like general conference, only it had a lot of extra power behind it. We also got to shake his hand! I have now met Elder Cook and Elder Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. They are indeed two very different men with two very different teaching styles. 

Elder Oaks spoke to us about mantles, such as the mantle of a prophet, a bishop, and a missionary. A mantle is something that covers us, and it can sometimes paralyze us with fear, but it will always give us something to fill. He described it as a young boy wearing Elder Oaks' suit coat. Obviously it is too big for the boy and he has to grow into it. When the Lord extends a calling to us, it is something that we grow into. When we grow into that mantle, he will often release us and we will move on to fill another mantle.

He explained that when we fill our mantle as a missionary, we will take it off. Just like a jacket, we will grow out of it. We need not be worried, as the Lord will move us forward to another part of his work. 
He then went on to say the following, "When I take off my mantle, there will be a funeral."

Work to be converted to the gospel. Partake of the Sacrament each week. Read the scriptures, show love one to another. Regardless of whatever circumstances are happening, if we work to be converted, He will make out of us more than we can make out of ourselves.

Pretty soon my P/days are going to be Monday again. Until now I have no idea where I might be going, but wherever it is, it is where God needs me.

Elder MacGregor

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hello everyone!
This week has been incredibly complicated, and it would be impossible to share it all. To keep thinks short, one Elder had to go into emergency surgery at 11pm on Monday. I spent the night in the hospital waiting for him to come out. He came in at 3 am and we slept in the habitation room. After the drugs had worn off, they came and brought him breakfast. The first thing that he asked for is if there was any for me.
I serve among the presence of angels. Even in the most dire of situations, this missionary looked outward. I can only hope to do the same.

There is no better experience than the mission. Nowhere else would I have met such wonderful people, or have been pushed so hard to be my best.
Also, transfers are coming. I will be leaving the office pretty soon and returning to good old missionary work. I am SO excited.

I love you all,

Elder MacGregor