Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This past week was Christmas and I got to view it peruvian style. To put it simply, it is basically nothing until after midnight. As a missionary you will be sleeping in your bed dreaming about sleeping because you are always that tired. Then at midnight you will hear gunshots. You go outside and look out the window and realizer the ENTIRE CUIDAD is using fireworks. It is extremely loud like a war zone and it is absolutely nuts. Also you will eat a ton of paneton, which is bread with fruit in it. literally everyone will give you 6 looves and you realize the first three taste a lot better than the last seven.
Yesterday we finally had companion transfers. My new companion is Elder Navia from Chile. He hasn´t been out very long and we are companions with no responsibilities. I have to lead the area and save soulos but other than that we are just normal missionaries. Good stuff.

I love you all and thank you for your holiday wishes. I wishe you all the best and will email you next year

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! as you can tell from that exclamation my spanish is getting much better. This week was pretty crazy as far as missionary life goes. We got to go to migrations so now I am a legal citizen of Perú. Also we had a giant party with half the mission where we watched the live action jungle book. You know you are a missionary when that movie was the greatest thing you had seen for 3 months. 
I am greatful for my Savior, and for this wonderful season. Words cannot describe the sound of horrible and wonderful spanish accents, men and women singing spanish hymns in praise of Him who was sent for us. This will without a doubt be a CHristmas I never forget. I wish you all the best and and wonderful Merry Christmas. Send me a tie.

Elder MacGregor

Monday, December 12, 2016

Beloved brothers and sisters I hope you have all had a wonderful week in snowy Oreghon or whever you are. I got to explain what snow is to people here because they ask me about it all the time. I just say it is like sand that falls from the sky and is cold. That is as far as my spanish permits me to speak. One of the photos is a picture of my zone. as you can see we take the work very seriously and do not permit oursleves to have fun becasue that is immature. We play volleyball on Pdays a lot in a park that we get in for free because we are ´´religious preachers.´´
The next photo is of my desk. This is where the magic happens everyone morning from 8 to 9 am. As you may have observed, it is very organized and clean as an 18 year old sould be. I also ask that you please ignore the ginat bag of cheese puffs towards the top of the desk.
We live on the second floor so we take stairs up to our room. above the staris is a picture of the crucifixtion from the church ´´Señor de los milagros.´´ While it is true that the Savior did die for us, we love to focus on His Ressurection and live He is currently living. My companion and I have gladly demonstrated this by placing several pass along cards so that our neighbors may remember this miracle as well.
In other news, Lima is very hot and dusty.
I can truly say the best part of my day is studying in the morning. It is an hour of unbroken time I can use to strengthn my knowledge and truly appreciate what I am learning. I encourage you all to strudy, just for 15 minutes at some point. It will help you to recognize the Savior in your everyday life and when He comes again.
Also I am invited to ask you all to Light the World

Elder MacGregor

Monday, December 5, 2016

And it came to pass my beloved brethren that we had a very difficult week. Nevertheless our joy was happy in the baptism of another sister. Her son had the wonderful opportunity to exercise his priesthood and it was wonderful to witness. That was without a doubt the highlight of the week.
Now for the ugly.
Every Pday we are required to clean our room for an hour. both of us hate doing dishes. but it had to be done. fourtunatly it was my companions turn to do the dishes so i dodn´t have to worry about anything. We had forgotten that we actually hadn´t even finished the food that we were cleaning so we had to clean dishes with crusty rice and potatoes. no bueno. also our entire room begin to smell of nasty food. I asked my companion if we had any fabreeze and he reached under his bed and pulled out a can of roach killer. I had to explain why we could not spray that all over our room. Crazy indeed is tyhe life of the mission but yetit is a life worth living. hope you guys are hashtag light the world at home
This is why this weeksemail is so short. Ether 12:40

Elder MacGregor