Monday, December 12, 2016

Beloved brothers and sisters I hope you have all had a wonderful week in snowy Oreghon or whever you are. I got to explain what snow is to people here because they ask me about it all the time. I just say it is like sand that falls from the sky and is cold. That is as far as my spanish permits me to speak. One of the photos is a picture of my zone. as you can see we take the work very seriously and do not permit oursleves to have fun becasue that is immature. We play volleyball on Pdays a lot in a park that we get in for free because we are ´´religious preachers.´´
The next photo is of my desk. This is where the magic happens everyone morning from 8 to 9 am. As you may have observed, it is very organized and clean as an 18 year old sould be. I also ask that you please ignore the ginat bag of cheese puffs towards the top of the desk.
We live on the second floor so we take stairs up to our room. above the staris is a picture of the crucifixtion from the church ´´SeƱor de los milagros.´´ While it is true that the Savior did die for us, we love to focus on His Ressurection and live He is currently living. My companion and I have gladly demonstrated this by placing several pass along cards so that our neighbors may remember this miracle as well.
In other news, Lima is very hot and dusty.
I can truly say the best part of my day is studying in the morning. It is an hour of unbroken time I can use to strengthn my knowledge and truly appreciate what I am learning. I encourage you all to strudy, just for 15 minutes at some point. It will help you to recognize the Savior in your everyday life and when He comes again.
Also I am invited to ask you all to Light the World

Elder MacGregor

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