Monday, October 24, 2016

This week we commited an older woman to baptism. She is 60 years old and very sweet. Last night the ward heald family home evening in her house and everyone bore their testimony. I shared that I hope she could feel the love I have for her and this gospel through my poor spanish. I said that I have only known her for 2 weeks or so but that I was really happy with her decision to be baptized. I then said that Heavenly Father has known her her whole life, and that He loves her way more than I ever could. It´s true. Our Father loves his children. Oh, I finally got sick on the two month mark exactly. Yesterday was probably the longest day on my mission so far. Also one of the Elders from the other ward had to go home temporarily becasue he has skulliosis. His companion is working with us and we are a trio working in two areas. Elder MacGregor, Elder Valenzuela, y Elder Huaman. Believe it or not it is a little hard to focus when there are three missionaries and not just two. We are busier than ever and go on splits with members almost every day. Pictures this week are of the ocean and of Lima. This city is huge, puts Hillsboro to shame. That is all for this week, hope everyone is doing well chao chao

Elder MacGregor

Monday, October 17, 2016

Missionary work is hard. Very hard. I have never felt so isolated in my entire life, yet I have never felt so loved. This ward is incredible in faith and works. The absolute best part of my day is when the children run up to me and ask me to speak in english.I can do that very well. Oh also I can send pictures. Elder Valenzuela had been joking with me about it corupting my SD card. He thinks he is so funny. I also really love doing service. Just walking up the street and seeing someone who needs help so youjust go and help them. Here peole drive moto taxis. They are little 3 wheeled buggy things. anyway we were walking and we saw some peole `pushing one up a hill. we dropped our stuff and told them to get inside. There were two women and a baby. WE told them to start the car and we will puch you up the hill and give you the boost to start the engine. When I say we said I really mean Elder Valenzuela told them. Anyway we ran and pushed this mototaxi up a hill. while we were pushing it started and they kept driving. Best feeling in the world. Next week I will share some food stories becasue that is all anyone is ever interested in.I would just like to testify of service. there really is no better feeling thatn doing something random like that. I look back and feel horrible for all the potential opportunities I probably missed becasue I was playing Pokemon GO. Also Missionary work would be easy if I could speak english. Love you all have a great week
Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wow it has been the most insane 5 days of my entire life. We are a walking mission and we a required to make 15 contacts a day. i know how to say ´´My name is Elder MacGregor, and my companion wants to share something with you.´´ We get alone just fine. He is pretty funny and we get a lot of work done together. Life is so much more fun when you are busy. We teach about 2-3 lessons every day. People are very receptive and loving. It is a lot of reactivation as opposed to baptisms. We invite them to come back to church and remember the blessings they have received. It has only been 5 days since my last email so I don´t have too much to say, except for that I know this church is true. I see it more and more every day. Much love to everyone at home,

Elder MacGregor

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I didn´t think I would have time to do a weekly email but I guess I do so here it is.......... I am finally in the field! I am finally a real missionary! 
My new companion is Elder Valenzuela. Her is 19 and from Equador, very funny yet quite. I have only been in the field for 20 hours but that is enough to say I know everything about being a missionary. Last night we taught a less active family. Everyone called me Elder Americano, but they said my Spanish was very excellent. I got to share the first vision in Spanish and then Helaman 5:12. They asked me to chose someone to say the closing prayer. I chose on they youngest girl, I think she was 6-7 years old. I did not understand her prayer, but her is what I do know. Moroni chapter 8 is true. Little children are alive in Christ. You could hear the innocence in her voice. It was so sweet and powerful. 
On the opposite end of the spectrum I hate dogs. They are awful. All they do is bark and Elder Valenzuela throws rocks at them. Also I am emailing form an arcade. I can´t send pictures because if I insert my SD card it will get corrupted. I am super happy to be out here and finally start working for real. Nos vemos!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I am in the mission field now alive and well.  I met the mission President and his wife.  They are both very incredible and have wonderful testimonies.  President McGinn shared his testimony about our work and about the premortal life.  I realized we have already beat our adversary once and we are here to do it again.
I hope you guys had a wonderful General Conference.  Elder Renlund's firecracker story really made me think about how imperfect I am.  I am fortunate that because of the Atonement we do not live forever in our sins, and we can be allowed to improve.
Since coming our here I have realized how spiritually damaging the world can be.  Be careful.  On a happier note, I am out of the CCM! I was the first one packed up too.  I know mom would be proud of me.  I start proselyting later today.
I have a family home evening activity for you.  Read 3 Nefi 11 and then watch the movie Testaments.  It is a wonderful movie that truly shows the love of Christ.  I love you all so very much.  I will find out specifics of where I am serving later today and will let you know.

Much Love- Elder MacGregor

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last week in the CCM!! I go into the field next Tuesday so I think I get scammed out of a Pday next week so this will be my last email for a while. Once again there is not too much happening here except for study of the Spanish language and the beautiful language of the gospel. I cannot express enough how excited I am for General Conference this coming Saturday. The Prophet himself is sending us off into the field! Anyway to close I would just like to testify of the reality of the Gift of Tongues. I have memorized scriptures in Spanish faster than I ever have in English, including the last two paragraphs of the introduction of the Libro de Mormón. If I was a fool I would say that is just coincidence. God loves his work, and He will move it forward by small and simple means if we devote ourselves to Him. Just keep the commandments and be obedient. I have been blessed so much form the one month I have been here, I would not trade it for anything. Much love to you all, my next email will probably be great because it will be from the field!!!

Elder MacGregor