Monday, November 28, 2016

I have decided that to make my entries more spiritual i should write them in the language of the book of Mormon. (Apologies to nonmember who will not understand this next paragraph)
And it came to pass that we spent miercoles contacting referalls from the ward. Verily Verily I say unto you that we did find fruit in our labor. A young family who has made plans to enter the church on the 24 of diciembre. I would that ye should remember that the gospel can bless anyones lives at any time. Howve my beloved brethen, I would exhort yu that this work is not easy, and at times it is very dissapointing.

How is it dissapointing? Well sometimes people turn down invitations, lessons fall thrugh etc. But perhaps the worst thing is when we finish a lesson and the family or person offers us galletas. Galletas translates to cookies, so of course I get very excited. However here, galletas somehow translates into saltine crackers. so instead of cookies we sit in silence and munch on plain saltines without water. But hey if that is my biggest complaint then I am probably doing alright.

OH I am also on my 4 watch in the mission field. The first one I lost in the CCM. The second one broke. I bought it from a vendor. two weeks later during study the back of the watch just fell right off as i turned a page. The third shattered as I was changing clothes. I forgot I put it on my suit so when I lifted my suit up it ell and shattered against the floor. so now I am on my 4th reloj.
Also everyone asks me if I where fake contacts because I have blue eyes.
People here are great and life is good, have a good first day in december everyone.
Elder MacGregor

Monday, November 21, 2016

Hna Gloria and Hna Sydni. Both of them asked me to perform the ordinance. We spent the entire saturday cleaning the capilla en preparation for their baptism at 4. It started at 5. classic mormon standard time. It really was special to see these marvious people make a covenant with their Heavenly Padre. The ward was so helpful in teaching them too, I know their will be a wonderful handof. Elder Valenzuela and I are now in the work of searching for new investigators..... and we found one! She is pictured below. She accepted the message of the Restoration very well, but is a little nervous about baptism. My companion and I reassured her that it would be okay. At the end of the lesson she asked that we take a picture with her so we politely obliged.
This week is thanksgiving, so I will give you a list of things I am thankful for.
Hot water.  Our shower broke so now it only has cold water. Elder Valenzuela only bathes every other day because of this.
Sleep. They say the Sabbath is a day of rest yet it is the day where we work the hardest. ie are we breaking the sabbath? why can´t we take more naps?
ingles, español es muy dificil pero después dos o tres meses creo que puedo hablar mejor pero ingles es mas facíl enserio.
Food. No complaints
Cars. Feels like I am reliving the 50 miler ery day
Thats is about it, aside form eternal families, the truth of the gospel, the Atonement etc.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving everyone they don´t celebrate that here so I will probably forget to say anything 

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Yesterday we had cambios entonces Pday es Martes este semana. Also yes I heard Trump was elected President................................................................................................................................................................... I have had to explain several times in spanish that i represent the church and not Los Estados Unidos. Also people keep telling me that I look like I am 24 years old. WE have two baptisms scheduled for this Saturday, they have completed their interview and everything. I will send photos proximo Pday. We have also found 2 new families to teach. Families are forever. We were given a pamphelt were we are supposed to fill out information hasta nuestros bisabuelos. As I was filling it out I could just feel the ensense of familias enternas. What a beautiful Plan God has created for us. It is our job to help others know that they can be together forever as well. ALso in the house of a recent convert I found this awesome dog that I totally lion kinged because who wouldn´t.

Hasta Proximá semana, Elder MacGregor  

Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7th
Hey everyone! ya boi got bitten by a dog this past week. fortunately it doens´t look like anything major happened. I guess we will find out when i contract rabies in two months. We currently have baptisms planned for all of November with the exception of this week. This ward is growing at a rapid rate. Poeple ranging from the ages of 11-60. The gospel can touch you at any moment of your life. One of my companions had to leave on an emergency transfer entonces it is just Elder Valenzuela and I again. Turns out missionary work is a lot easier when you only have to cover one area. I have also started to teach English clases to help find new investigators. Saturday at 6 en la capilla. This week I learned an awesome things spiritually. The first is that the spirit can guide every prayer you ever make. Much of the time we only stopto listen when we are giving a blessing, but this can happen at any time. WHen you pray, stop and listen and you will learn about something you need to pray for. Have a great week everyone good luck in the election!

Elder MacGregor

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This is the first week where I have started to feel confident in all my work. Also we have started having minor earthquakes. we went street contacting one night and ran into a man who knew the bible VERY well. It is very difficult to bible bash in spanish let me tell you. He would not accept. the Book of Mormon. As we parted ways, I couldn´t help but smile. How blessed we are that we have the fulness of the gospel, and know how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together. Truly what Elder U. said at this past conference is true: We do walk a path of diamonds, but treat it as if it were mere pebbels. We know where we are going after this life, we know how to get there. And the beauty of the Atonement is that ANYONE can get there. Sins become 100% white in Christ. I cannot even begin to comprehend the beauty of that. SHort message this week becausse the internet man is scamming us on our time. Much love Elder MacGregor