Monday, November 21, 2016

Hna Gloria and Hna Sydni. Both of them asked me to perform the ordinance. We spent the entire saturday cleaning the capilla en preparation for their baptism at 4. It started at 5. classic mormon standard time. It really was special to see these marvious people make a covenant with their Heavenly Padre. The ward was so helpful in teaching them too, I know their will be a wonderful handof. Elder Valenzuela and I are now in the work of searching for new investigators..... and we found one! She is pictured below. She accepted the message of the Restoration very well, but is a little nervous about baptism. My companion and I reassured her that it would be okay. At the end of the lesson she asked that we take a picture with her so we politely obliged.
This week is thanksgiving, so I will give you a list of things I am thankful for.
Hot water.  Our shower broke so now it only has cold water. Elder Valenzuela only bathes every other day because of this.
Sleep. They say the Sabbath is a day of rest yet it is the day where we work the hardest. ie are we breaking the sabbath? why can´t we take more naps?
ingles, español es muy dificil pero después dos o tres meses creo que puedo hablar mejor pero ingles es mas facíl enserio.
Food. No complaints
Cars. Feels like I am reliving the 50 miler ery day
Thats is about it, aside form eternal families, the truth of the gospel, the Atonement etc.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving everyone they don´t celebrate that here so I will probably forget to say anything 

Elder MacGregor

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