Monday, November 28, 2016

I have decided that to make my entries more spiritual i should write them in the language of the book of Mormon. (Apologies to nonmember who will not understand this next paragraph)
And it came to pass that we spent miercoles contacting referalls from the ward. Verily Verily I say unto you that we did find fruit in our labor. A young family who has made plans to enter the church on the 24 of diciembre. I would that ye should remember that the gospel can bless anyones lives at any time. Howve my beloved brethen, I would exhort yu that this work is not easy, and at times it is very dissapointing.

How is it dissapointing? Well sometimes people turn down invitations, lessons fall thrugh etc. But perhaps the worst thing is when we finish a lesson and the family or person offers us galletas. Galletas translates to cookies, so of course I get very excited. However here, galletas somehow translates into saltine crackers. so instead of cookies we sit in silence and munch on plain saltines without water. But hey if that is my biggest complaint then I am probably doing alright.

OH I am also on my 4 watch in the mission field. The first one I lost in the CCM. The second one broke. I bought it from a vendor. two weeks later during study the back of the watch just fell right off as i turned a page. The third shattered as I was changing clothes. I forgot I put it on my suit so when I lifted my suit up it ell and shattered against the floor. so now I am on my 4th reloj.
Also everyone asks me if I where fake contacts because I have blue eyes.
People here are great and life is good, have a good first day in december everyone.
Elder MacGregor

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