Monday, December 5, 2016

And it came to pass my beloved brethren that we had a very difficult week. Nevertheless our joy was happy in the baptism of another sister. Her son had the wonderful opportunity to exercise his priesthood and it was wonderful to witness. That was without a doubt the highlight of the week.
Now for the ugly.
Every Pday we are required to clean our room for an hour. both of us hate doing dishes. but it had to be done. fourtunatly it was my companions turn to do the dishes so i dodn´t have to worry about anything. We had forgotten that we actually hadn´t even finished the food that we were cleaning so we had to clean dishes with crusty rice and potatoes. no bueno. also our entire room begin to smell of nasty food. I asked my companion if we had any fabreeze and he reached under his bed and pulled out a can of roach killer. I had to explain why we could not spray that all over our room. Crazy indeed is tyhe life of the mission but yetit is a life worth living. hope you guys are hashtag light the world at home
This is why this weeksemail is so short. Ether 12:40

Elder MacGregor

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