Monday, February 27, 2017

Elder Miranda and I are opening and area in Ica! there are not a ton of investigators so far. we got one day to go out in street clothes and look to see how it was. It is a lot of desert. We are the first missionaries in the history of the church to proselyte there it is pretty awesome.
just kidding. this is the huacachina the biggest tourist trap in all of PerĂº. Lots of Germans.
This week I would like to testify of the benefits of working. 1 Nephi 16:29 says that when we are diligent and with faith the Lord will bring great things to happen. This week we were challenged to put two more baptismal dates even though we were going to lose a day of prodeylting because of training. I will admit I did have my doubts. However, by the end of Sunday we realized that we had not only put two more dates but had found 4 new investigators and had a baptism! Honestly I was blown away by what was accomplish and truly know that by small steps great things come to pass.
Also I got sunburned and it is february.
Elder MacGregor

Monday, February 20, 2017

and I can testify of that. It is so hot that when I open my sunscreen it all slides right out of the tube immediately so I have had to stick to keeping it in the fridge to cool it down so I can use it without making a giant mess. No major stories to share this week except for here they don´t have church basketball. They have church soccer and it is probably the most violent thing you have ever seen. 

I have began to write down a scripture every day in my daily agenda to ponder that I read during scripture study. My favorite this week has been 2 Nefi 4:28 Here Nephi puts his confidence in the Lord forever, admits that he is not perfect. I love this verse because it tells him to wake up, and to not worry about being trapped in sin, because there is a Savior, who suffered for even him. I know that He suffered for me, and for you too. Despite our imperfections, flaws and sins, we need not be discouraged because there is one who has it already taken care of if we turn to Him.

Elder MacGregor

Monday, February 13, 2017

Wow Ica is very hot, yet farther away from the equator than my last area? someone explain that to me. This week the bishop asked me to share my testimony in front of the ward so I shared my favorite missionary scripture from DC. DC 15:6 says that if we are faithful in bringing people unto Christ we will rest WITH them in the kingdom of the father. I love this because it means that I will see the people I teach in the celestial kingdom, assuming I endure to the end (which is a pretty safe assumption). ANd because of the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, salvation is possible for all of us. This week we did a lot of service cleaing up damages from flash floods and I saw a pack of goats! The first seen wildlife besides dogs.

I would also love to testify of eternal families. Valentines day is the anniversary of my loving parents, who I am forever greatful for their testimony of the Savior and HIs church. I could never repay them for the love they have shown me, especially when I didn´t want to pay attention. Truly I can say that I have been born as Nefi, with parents who truly love the Lord.

(Also tomorrow is valentines day so if anybody has any love notes to send me now is the time)

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This week I got transfered to the south in ICA, official tourist attraction of PerĂº. My new companion is Elder Miranda and I can already tell based on these last 24 hours it is going to be a fun transfer.
Many have heard about the new missionary schedule, here that means WE GET TO WAKE UP AT 7!!...... if we are serving in Lima. This means that this past week I did get to wake up at 7 every day but now that I am in the south it is 6:30 again everyday, I think the Lord is trying to tell me something.
This week I really understood what it means.. I´ll go where you want me to go dear Lord, over crazy sand dunes or surprise flash floods.
At least that is the Ica version of the song.
Love you all have a wonderful week.

Elder MacGregor

This is from mom's personal email, but I thought I should share: The ward missionary and his wife and so so so so so happy and their house is literally nothing. The gospel has physically enlightened

their faces and everything and here I am having everything I have ever wanted and I still complain.