Monday, January 30, 2017

This week is perhaps the greatest week of my entire life. Yes, we lost all our investigators. Yes, one ward member shouted at us because we eat with a certain sister and she doesn´t like taht, and Yes, I did step in dog leftovers (leftovers like a dog skeleton and fur, not the traditional leftovers you would be thinking) Doesn´t sound very exciting does it? Well this past Thursday I got the marvelous opportunity to shake the hand of ELder Cook, Aposlte of the Lord Jesus Christ. I knew he was coming for a while but I decided to wait to tell you all until after it happened. I will not share too much of what he said because it is very personal. But when he bore his testimony, I could physically feel the grace of the Savior in the room. It will be an experience I never forget. Prophets and Apostles minister today as they did in bibliac times. This is the church of Jesus Christ. 
I encourage all of you to read Alma 5, but read it as a general conference talk, and it is incredible hpw much more value you will get out of it.

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A wise friend shared with me a certain scripture before I came to Perú. Isaiah 52:7 ´´how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who publisheth good tidings´´
I can testify to you that my feet are definiety not pretty, and for the sack of your health I will not send a picture. I would change the scripture to : ´´how beautiful are the people who are receiving the good tidings´´
The people here are truly incredible. Hilarious and loving. I have been sent to labor in perhaps the funniest mission in the world.
I do not have any major stories this week, except for that I saw a few live snakes for sail in the market. Oh I did get bit by another dog so that makes 3 bites in total now.
I love studying the Book of Mormon. It truly does contain the fulness of the gospel and solidifies Christ as the Savior and divinity of His mission.

With Love, Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

´´Everything that the light touches is our area´´ Yup it is preety big and pretty dusty. This week Elder Navia and I got the opportunity to prosolyte in another area for one day. We went to an adjacent area with our district leader and learned some things from him. We also all ate dinner together and he took the photo at the table. My companion forgot to bring Pjs, I swear I didn´t proselyte in an Oregon T shirt. OH it finally rained here, for the first time in 4 months and I was in nothing but a short sleeve button up shirt. It was perhaps the most amazing thing in the world. Also one thing that has been happening to me is that I have been getting really bad acne. It has gotten to a point where members have offered to buy me special soap to take care of my face. It is good to know how much they love me.

This week I took to heart Alma 10: 6, which is Amulek explaining that he was called many times by God but he would not hear. Sin embargo, Dios dio muchas opportunidades a Amulek y cuando él oyó, era un instrumento poderoso. Les pregunto, has God called you many times? He will give you infinite chances, and like Amulek, you cane be a wonderful tool in His hands.
Elder MacGregor (google translate could help you with that opne part)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another crazy week down here in Perú. This past Thursday we litteraly raised the roof of the home of an elderly woman. Also it is full summer here and literally every member of the ward has told me to put on sunscreen. I guess it is obvious I have been forgetting but this ward is so loving and wants be to not be destroyed by the sun. One night a bus crashed into a power poll at about 6 and all the lights went out. Because our area is more or less pretty dangerous, we had to go home early. Pictured is the fear we were experiencing while planning for the next day in total darkness. Also pictured is the outside view of our room when it was pitch black. As ou can see, one man kindly chose to light his bed oin fire in the middle of the street. I am starting to understand more spanish but I don´t understand that. This year our meetings start at 10:30, which normally I would be happy because I can sleep in more, but then I remember I am a  missionary and we aren´t allowed to sleep hahaha. Hope you guys are enjoying the cold, it is the exact opposite here 

Elder MacGregor

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hey guys I haven´t written to you for a whole year! Probably have heard that one a million times but it kills here so I am going to use it. I have got gripe, which roughly translates to the common cold. A well known fact here in Perú is that all sicknesses come from drinking or eating cold items. So for instance whenever I talk and people can hear my voz is off they immediately tell me to drink hot water and even over me some. It is also summer here. SO people offer me hot water in the middle of summer because I have a cold. I don´t think you get a cold from drinking cold water but hey at this point anything is probably possible. 
For New years we were allowed to go bed at 10 like normal. So here is what we did at 10. Happy New years from Villa Salvador, Lima Perú. Here midnight happens at 10:30. I also timed my camera to show you all what we actually did at midnight. Pretty exciting stuff.
This week I finally realized the power of faith in goal setting. WE had a goal to find some more new investigators so we planned to find one every day, and we did just that. Good stuff faith. 
Love you all and I thank you for your support.
Elder MacGregor