Tuesday, January 17, 2017

´´Everything that the light touches is our area´´ Yup it is preety big and pretty dusty. This week Elder Navia and I got the opportunity to prosolyte in another area for one day. We went to an adjacent area with our district leader and learned some things from him. We also all ate dinner together and he took the photo at the table. My companion forgot to bring Pjs, I swear I didn´t proselyte in an Oregon T shirt. OH it finally rained here, for the first time in 4 months and I was in nothing but a short sleeve button up shirt. It was perhaps the most amazing thing in the world. Also one thing that has been happening to me is that I have been getting really bad acne. It has gotten to a point where members have offered to buy me special soap to take care of my face. It is good to know how much they love me.

This week I took to heart Alma 10: 6, which is Amulek explaining that he was called many times by God but he would not hear. Sin embargo, Dios dio muchas opportunidades a Amulek y cuando él oyó, era un instrumento poderoso. Les pregunto, has God called you many times? He will give you infinite chances, and like Amulek, you cane be a wonderful tool in His hands.
Elder MacGregor (google translate could help you with that opne part)

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