Monday, January 30, 2017

This week is perhaps the greatest week of my entire life. Yes, we lost all our investigators. Yes, one ward member shouted at us because we eat with a certain sister and she doesn´t like taht, and Yes, I did step in dog leftovers (leftovers like a dog skeleton and fur, not the traditional leftovers you would be thinking) Doesn´t sound very exciting does it? Well this past Thursday I got the marvelous opportunity to shake the hand of ELder Cook, Aposlte of the Lord Jesus Christ. I knew he was coming for a while but I decided to wait to tell you all until after it happened. I will not share too much of what he said because it is very personal. But when he bore his testimony, I could physically feel the grace of the Savior in the room. It will be an experience I never forget. Prophets and Apostles minister today as they did in bibliac times. This is the church of Jesus Christ. 
I encourage all of you to read Alma 5, but read it as a general conference talk, and it is incredible hpw much more value you will get out of it.

Elder MacGregor

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