Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hey guys I haven´t written to you for a whole year! Probably have heard that one a million times but it kills here so I am going to use it. I have got gripe, which roughly translates to the common cold. A well known fact here in Perú is that all sicknesses come from drinking or eating cold items. So for instance whenever I talk and people can hear my voz is off they immediately tell me to drink hot water and even over me some. It is also summer here. SO people offer me hot water in the middle of summer because I have a cold. I don´t think you get a cold from drinking cold water but hey at this point anything is probably possible. 
For New years we were allowed to go bed at 10 like normal. So here is what we did at 10. Happy New years from Villa Salvador, Lima Perú. Here midnight happens at 10:30. I also timed my camera to show you all what we actually did at midnight. Pretty exciting stuff.
This week I finally realized the power of faith in goal setting. WE had a goal to find some more new investigators so we planned to find one every day, and we did just that. Good stuff faith. 
Love you all and I thank you for your support.
Elder MacGregor

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