Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another crazy week down here in Perú. This past Thursday we litteraly raised the roof of the home of an elderly woman. Also it is full summer here and literally every member of the ward has told me to put on sunscreen. I guess it is obvious I have been forgetting but this ward is so loving and wants be to not be destroyed by the sun. One night a bus crashed into a power poll at about 6 and all the lights went out. Because our area is more or less pretty dangerous, we had to go home early. Pictured is the fear we were experiencing while planning for the next day in total darkness. Also pictured is the outside view of our room when it was pitch black. As ou can see, one man kindly chose to light his bed oin fire in the middle of the street. I am starting to understand more spanish but I don´t understand that. This year our meetings start at 10:30, which normally I would be happy because I can sleep in more, but then I remember I am a  missionary and we aren´t allowed to sleep hahaha. Hope you guys are enjoying the cold, it is the exact opposite here 

Elder MacGregor

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