Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A wise friend shared with me a certain scripture before I came to Perú. Isaiah 52:7 ´´how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who publisheth good tidings´´
I can testify to you that my feet are definiety not pretty, and for the sack of your health I will not send a picture. I would change the scripture to : ´´how beautiful are the people who are receiving the good tidings´´
The people here are truly incredible. Hilarious and loving. I have been sent to labor in perhaps the funniest mission in the world.
I do not have any major stories this week, except for that I saw a few live snakes for sail in the market. Oh I did get bit by another dog so that makes 3 bites in total now.
I love studying the Book of Mormon. It truly does contain the fulness of the gospel and solidifies Christ as the Savior and divinity of His mission.

With Love, Elder MacGregor

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