Monday, February 13, 2017

Wow Ica is very hot, yet farther away from the equator than my last area? someone explain that to me. This week the bishop asked me to share my testimony in front of the ward so I shared my favorite missionary scripture from DC. DC 15:6 says that if we are faithful in bringing people unto Christ we will rest WITH them in the kingdom of the father. I love this because it means that I will see the people I teach in the celestial kingdom, assuming I endure to the end (which is a pretty safe assumption). ANd because of the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, salvation is possible for all of us. This week we did a lot of service cleaing up damages from flash floods and I saw a pack of goats! The first seen wildlife besides dogs.

I would also love to testify of eternal families. Valentines day is the anniversary of my loving parents, who I am forever greatful for their testimony of the Savior and HIs church. I could never repay them for the love they have shown me, especially when I didn´t want to pay attention. Truly I can say that I have been born as Nefi, with parents who truly love the Lord.

(Also tomorrow is valentines day so if anybody has any love notes to send me now is the time)

Elder MacGregor

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