Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7th
Hey everyone! ya boi got bitten by a dog this past week. fortunately it doens´t look like anything major happened. I guess we will find out when i contract rabies in two months. We currently have baptisms planned for all of November with the exception of this week. This ward is growing at a rapid rate. Poeple ranging from the ages of 11-60. The gospel can touch you at any moment of your life. One of my companions had to leave on an emergency transfer entonces it is just Elder Valenzuela and I again. Turns out missionary work is a lot easier when you only have to cover one area. I have also started to teach English clases to help find new investigators. Saturday at 6 en la capilla. This week I learned an awesome things spiritually. The first is that the spirit can guide every prayer you ever make. Much of the time we only stopto listen when we are giving a blessing, but this can happen at any time. WHen you pray, stop and listen and you will learn about something you need to pray for. Have a great week everyone good luck in the election!

Elder MacGregor

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