Monday, October 17, 2016

Missionary work is hard. Very hard. I have never felt so isolated in my entire life, yet I have never felt so loved. This ward is incredible in faith and works. The absolute best part of my day is when the children run up to me and ask me to speak in english.I can do that very well. Oh also I can send pictures. Elder Valenzuela had been joking with me about it corupting my SD card. He thinks he is so funny. I also really love doing service. Just walking up the street and seeing someone who needs help so youjust go and help them. Here peole drive moto taxis. They are little 3 wheeled buggy things. anyway we were walking and we saw some peole `pushing one up a hill. we dropped our stuff and told them to get inside. There were two women and a baby. WE told them to start the car and we will puch you up the hill and give you the boost to start the engine. When I say we said I really mean Elder Valenzuela told them. Anyway we ran and pushed this mototaxi up a hill. while we were pushing it started and they kept driving. Best feeling in the world. Next week I will share some food stories becasue that is all anyone is ever interested in.I would just like to testify of service. there really is no better feeling thatn doing something random like that. I look back and feel horrible for all the potential opportunities I probably missed becasue I was playing Pokemon GO. Also Missionary work would be easy if I could speak english. Love you all have a great week
Elder MacGregor

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