Friday, September 16, 2016

1st P Day

                          For everyone who was expecting a lovely email on Monday I apologize for the delay. P day is Wednesday here. I don´t even know where to start except for that I slept on the plane ride here and it went about as well as sleeping on a plane does. We got to the MTC (here it´s called the CCM, Centro de Capacitacion Misional). There is supposed to be an accent over the o but I can´t figure out how to work this Spanish keyboard. I know all the questions I´m going to get are about food so here is what it is: lots of chicken and rice and bread at every meal. There is yogurt every morning. They have several flavors of juice, all of which are mediocre. There are about 150 missionaries, most are Latinos. We are divided into missionaries who know Spanish and are here for three weeks and missionaries who are learning Spanish and are here for six weeks, which is where I am. However, in the bathroom I was ashing my hands and saying how much I hated asparagrus in Spanish and one of the teachers asked if I was in the three week program. He said my pronounciation was very good. So if someone could tell Señor Ricardo I owe him a big thank you that would be much appreciated. Honestly it´s really hard just trying to explain everything because I don´t know what is important to say and what really doesn´t matter. My companion´s name is Elder Thatcher and his favorite phrase in Spanish is ´´Me llamo Rexburg Idaho´´. Everyone says the first week here is the longest in your life but it´s not true. The longest week of my life was when Sloan had us go tubing on a river with no current. If I could survive that then I know a mission can´t be that hard. Just kidding this is ridiculously tough work and I have started to realize that I am entering the big leagues. I really miss all of you but I have truly met wonderful people here. They all have such powerful testimonies of the gospel and really make me want to share and exercise my own. If there are any typos in this it is because I have had to start speaking in Spanish all the time and it´s just starting to blend together with English. ¡Hope you all are doing very well and are excited for school!

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