Friday, September 23, 2016

1st time proselyting in the field- I do not know Spanish

This past Saturday we finally got the opportunity to go proselyting in the field. We traveled to Lima South, which is my mission so that is pretty cool. Anyway the important thing to take away from proselyting is that there were dogs EVERYWHERE!! Seriously, I saw at least 20 dogs just chillin all around the city. 
Elder Thatcher and I got paired with a more experienced missionary and together we taught an older woman. She was as tall as my hip, but also made me realize I do not know any Spanish. I can't even remember what was said because I did not understand any of it. The senior companion had to nudge me an whisper ''share your testimony.'' So I did. I talked about how I knew this life could be tough, but if we continue to press forward in faith every day, keeping the commandments and loving one another, we will be happy not only in this life but in the next. At least that is what I wanted to say I hope that is what she understood. We also talked to another lady who was younger and taller. She was very nice and invited us in, but once again I cannot tell you what we talked about because I have no idea.
We ended our proselyting in the chapel where the ward provided all the missionaries pizza and soda. When they handed me my piece the only thing I said was ''La inglesia es verdad.'' They all thought that was really funny. No pictures this week unfotunately, we weren't allowed tot take any while proselyting and there isn't much more to take at the CCM. Just 13 days until we go to the field and are missionaries for real. Cannot wait.

Elder MacGregor

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