Friday, September 16, 2016

2nd P Day

School is starting this week back home? Wow I´m glad I´m having so much more fun here than I am there. Just kidding we spend around 8 hours in the same classroom every day an it is starting to give me cabin fever. We spend a few hours every day learning spanish and then switch into preparing to teach lessons. For physical activity we play soccer all the time and it is a ton of fun but also I am terrible at it.
I will admit that missionary work is very difficult. You are tired all the time but you know what you are doing is right. Already I have been wondering why I ever needed a phone in the first place. A mission also gets the most fun when you completely lose yourself in what you are doing. Last night we had a devotional about changing and preparing our hearts, and that´s when I realized that just going through the motions of being a missionary is no bueno. You need to actively study spanish, study the scriptures, and that is when the joy of sharing the gospel comes. We teach these ´´investigators,´´ and every time I love testifying of what I know.
Your testimony gets stronger each time you share it, I know that is true. I also know that the Atonement is real. Jesus Christ, our elder brother, really did suffer for all of us so that we might repent and be clean again. If you every have any doubts about the gospel, live it like you don´t and I promise the Lord will bless you.
 Also everyone here reminds me of someone else, for example my companion is exactly the same as Caleb Calder. Also I have a picture here with Elder Lara, I´m sure you guys can guess who he reminds me of. There is a picture of my dorm it really isn´t that interesting.

And finally, here is a picture of my district during personal study. 5 of the 12 missionaries are asleep. The chruch is true.

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