Friday, September 16, 2016

New Missionaries

Just another week here at the CCM. They cycle in new missionaries every three weeks so all the missionaries who were here for 3 weeks left to the field yesterday. One of them, Elder Nichols, looked EXACTLY like John Green. He declined to take a picture but trust me I asked him to say ''Except for the Mongols'' at least three times. Today is the first day that all the new missionaries come in and they look so young. I remember when I was their age. 

I think I have finally adjusted to this missionary lifestyle. It is no longer painful to wake up at 6.30. Three weeks left and then I will be in the field, then I will have some real stories. Also Elder Thatcher and I got our hair cut today, and by that I mean we got destroyed by the barber. I actually don't think I look that bad. I have a mirror selfie with a giant camera for reference. 

Since my time at the CCM, my favorite word has become ''duende'' and my favorite phrase is ''¡Que en el mundo!''Here I have a picture of the Lima Temple. It is humble against the large and noisy city, but it truly is very powerful and loving. Our district has set a goal to improve our charity since we are now the older ones here. I will let you know how it is going by next week, but as for right now I have talked to several new Elders so already I have made some progress.

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