Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hey everyone!

Get conference session am I right? The best thing about working in the office is that Pday is Saturday and I can give an almost live review of general conference. 10/10.
Want to hear a cool mission story?
This week I was filling out a huge spreadsheet on excel..... and the power went out. I was less than happy. Anyway so we went through the health closet and found Christmas presents! We found a two year old expired chocolate bar. It didn´t taste expired. However there were some lifesavers that were reeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllyyyy old. they were 100% soft.

this week in scripture reading I read Mosiah 2:24. It says that when we keep God´s commandments he blesses us, and we are indebted to him. King Benjamin also explains that God gives us life and everything, so we are indebted to Him. Basically the message is, we are always indebted to God. 

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Elder MacGregor

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