Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hey everyone!

Here in the mission we are really focusing on referrals. We have an internet system that keeps track of all of them. However, we can´t use tablets so we are trying to think of a way that missionaries can receive the referrals and then update the system on a daily basis. During a multi zone activity I was in charge of at least showing the missionaries the system so they would know to look at it every Monday when they write to their families. There I was, in front of a third of the mission, I pulled up the labtop and the projector projected. There shined the glories words : The website is down for maintenance, please try again later.

I tried to react as calmly as possible but I think the mission saw me sweat and snap a little. About halfway through the system came up again and we were able to finish the taller. God puts us through trials, the most important is how we react to them. 

This week we also found a new investigator Alexis. The first thing he asked is were we go after we die. He said he had been studying lots of religions and wanted to know what we believed. He is also studying English. Yesterday he came to the office and I helped him study as he prepares for his final exam on Monday. He was using a lot of words I had no idea how to use. So ya fue to my english.

We also did a big service project in cleaning up a local neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. We prepared food, carried some bricks upstairs to help build a house and even lifted a water tank to a 5th story. Sounds lame but trust me this was a huge water tank.

Fun fact, in the scriptures it never says that Abinadi was old. Maybe I already wrote about this I can´t remember. The the book of Mosiah we read about Abinadi and it mentions several times that he is a prophet. However, it never says he had a beard or that he was old. We just imagine that because of the awesome painting. It´s a fun detail someone pointed out to me and know I feel it is my duty to share it with all of you.

I love you all so much and I hope you´re all doing great things. As you do I know that God will magnify your calling and your ability.

btw someone got bit by a drunk guy this past week. That´s about the craziest the health has gotten so far......

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